Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Viral Gaming & Surface Pattern Brochure

Haven't updated this in sooo long. Well, my dissertation is almost finished, just need to reference and tidy it up ready for printing and binding. I can't wait to get rid of it and get it off my mind! I have a few projects on the go but still only in research and ideas stage, but here's some work I have finished and can show! :)

I submitted quite a few designs to the Surface Pattern girls for their brochure. The layout below is the one they liked and got me shortlisted along with 3 other graphic designers! This week I've got to make the amendments to the design, make a contents and front cover and design a logo for the exhibition: "Seamless".

I went with a simple design that didn't have shapes and distracting colours added in. I didn't want people to pick up the brochure and notice on my design on the page, rather than the work of the Surface Pattern students.

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