Wednesday, 25 November 2009


I was waiting for the day my laptop would finally die and wipe all my work, after crashing pretty much every hour for the past half a year or so, it finally happened on Sunday! (Seriously need to get around to buying that Macbook Pro NOW) Luckily I had my business plan saved to my usb stick and hadn't written much of my essay. I lost my entire Sins & Virtues project though. But, Monday morning, who knows how, I managed to redo the WHOLE thing minus one double spread and the cover. I was unsure with my initial designs so this gave me the kick I needed to change all my ideas and designs.

Before coming to university I was very much an illustration based designer, for some reason when I started in first year that all went out the window. I did the illustration for my fashion branding, which inspired me to take that style into this project and make it a bit more colourful and exciting.

Also, yesterday I worked at putting my fashion brand on the environment. Just have to print and make a bag and label now! I'm really enjoying this project, much better than the coffee house branding.

And cookies to my fabulous clothing models, Dom and Sam! Haha.

Over the past week or so I had been working on some logo designs for a Swansea-based band called The Vintage Sound ( - check them out! ;)

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